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Reports By the United Nations Environmental Programme

Press Release: Report Brings to the Surface the Growing Global Problem of Marine Litter
The first-ever assessment of 12 major regional seas around the world, was launched on World Oceans Day by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and Ocean Conservancy. The report does not consider the marine habitat on the United States' west coast. In response, UNEP official Achim Steiner suggests, "Some of the litter, like thin film single use plastic bags which choke marine life, should be banned or phased-out rapidly everywhere-there is simply zero justification for manufacturing them anymore, anywhere."

Report: Marine Litter: A Global Challenge
This report is a survey of current marine issue in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Caspian, East African Seas, Eastern Africa, Mediterranean, Northeast Atlantic, Northwest Pacific, Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, South Asian Seas, South Pacific, and Wider Caribbean.

Report: Guidelines on the Use of Market-based Instruments to Address the Problem of Marine Litter
This is a "how-to" guide published by the United Nations, which outlines a variety of market-based methods to reduce marine litter. Taxation and banning of plastics is mentioned several times, but isn't the only solution. Other solutions include Deposit refund schemes, fines, enforced liability, port reception/ship berthing fees, tourist taxes, award-based incentives and many more. The UNEP explicitly cites marine litter problems as the primary purpose for these market-based incentives.

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